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Why most Kenyan bloggers don’t make money.

Most Kenyan bloggers don’t make money with their blogs for simple reasons that they ignore. If you are one of them don’t worry most bloggers have been there.

In this article am going to share with you how you can avoid this mistakes and make money.

In Kenya there are more that 100k websites but 99% of them don’t make money because of this simple reasons.

Most of Kenyan bloggers read about someone who makes $100k blogging and without even researching about blogging business. They create a blog and copy paste from popular blogs and wait for a miracle to happen.

Am not saying that you can’t make that kind of money but you will need patience, strategy and time.

5 reasons why Kenyan bloggers don’t make money.

1.Overdoing Advertisement.

Google Adsense

Do you use Adsense as source of income or any other platform if yes then you should think twice on where you are placing the ads.

I always look at websites that belong to Kenyans and i always notice one thing in common. Adsense is everywhere in the blog and you can’t read any of the content.

For someone normal would be pissed and leave the website as fast as possible.

Am not saying that don’t use Adsense but when using it place fewer ads compared to the content. I always recommend using 1 or 2 ads in a page.

After placing ads on the website take your time and scroll through the site and ask yourself if you can read the content with an ad distracting you.

2. Website Design.

It only takes less than five second for a reader to decide to read or not read your post. How can you make someone decide in less than five second, it’s simple a beautiful design.

For me if i see a scrappy website i always ask myself why should i waste my time to read this post or think it may be a scammer.

Am sure if you can take your time to create a beautiful website you can also take time to create a good content.

Most Kenyan bloggers don’t make money because of design of their blog.

3.You Aren’t Getting Enough Traffic

If you have no traffic that’s coming your blog then how can you make money from your blog.

You should follow the 80/20 rule which is 20% creating content ad 80% promoting the content to have actual readers.

You don’t need thousands of page views per day to actually see money from your blog but also you can’t make money from zero views.

I recommend you take your time and create a good content and promote it.

4.You’re Not Willing to Invest in Your Blog.

Investing in your blog doesn’t have to be a lot of money but some little cash upfront. You should purchase a self hosted site and a custom domain from bluehost.

Having a self-hosted site or domain will not only make you more professional but it will also make you have more control over your site and a wider choice of money-making opportunities at your fingertips.

For example having a or will limit you from having ads.

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5.You have only one way of making money from you blog.

If you are a blogger how many ways of making money do you have . If it’s one you are doing something wrong because the are many ways of making money online.

If you are using Adsense only you should consider using affiliate marketing to increase you blog income.

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