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Make Money Online In Kenya 2019

One year ago if you could tell me that you can make money online in Kenya is possible, i would have laughed at you and said you are joking.

But with fast growth of technology the dream of many has become a reality. In Kenya the are people who are traveling the country while working through their laptop.

You can make money online but you will need time and skills to become successful in it.

For the following ways of making money online in Kenya you only need a smartphone, laptop and internet connection.

The following are ways of making money online in Kenya.


Making money blogging is easy but it needs patience and work. If you can create a blog and post content that actual people who come to read and monetize it.

While the are a lot of bloggers in Kenya most of them don’t make money because of some simple mistakes they do.

Their dozen ways of making money using blogging some of those ways may be:

  • Google AdSense
  • Banner Adverts
  • Paid Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Paid Reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know how to create a blog you can learn how to create one here.


Now that everyone has smartphone in Kenya and the cost of internet bundles is cheap everyone can access YouTube to watch videos .

To start a YouTube channel is simple that it looks you just need camera or even a smartphone to record and a microphone.

Find something to talk about and record yourself then upload it to YouTube and apply for ads and BOOM start making money online.

Keep in mind that creating a YouTube channel that will create millions for you is not just uploading videos. You should treat your YouTube channel like any other business.

Always keep learning new tricks and trends to be on top of your game.


Affiliate marketing is my best way of making money online because you don’t need to create a product .

You only need to promote someone else product and you will be compensated with commission.

An good example is Jumia you can promote a phone in Jumia for someone to buy it in social media and you will be given your commission but first you need to sign up as an affiliate.


Freelancing is an attractive way of life. The independence, autonomy, flexibility, and unlimited financial potential are all incredibly inviting, especially for employees who are tired of their mundane work environment.

Their are freelancing companies which connect agency who have work to outsource and freelancers. The number one freelance site i recommend is upwork.


Social Media Manager

Companies want to advertise their companies product and services but they don’t have time to do so. As a Facebook ad manager you will be hired to run a successful ad campaign for them.

This kind of work you will need to learn how to manage the ads. But there are a bunch of free e-book and online courses that teach this.

You will do this work from the comfort of your house hence making money online.

6.Sell Photos.

You may not be a professional photographer or you are ,you can sell your photos online for sum bucks .I have seen many people who make a living from taking photos and selling them online.

Some even have a website in which they show off their photos. But for a starter you don’t need a website but you can use a website which connects million of people who are interested with photos together and sell your photos and make money online.


Some months ago i never had of paid surveys, this when you are paid to answer some questions online.Some people are making up-to a thousand dollars each month through paid surveys.

Once you sign up you will be notified through e-mails when their is a survey to participate in one when you money reaches a certain amount you are paid.

Here are some of paid survey websites. Note. I could not list all of them but this list below are the most popular and used survey sites.

  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars
  • Vindale Research
  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints

8.Become a consultant.

Consultant is a person who gives advises to people about their business or healthy. Are you a professional in a certain field why don’t you start a consulting business online.

An example is when you hire a personal finance personal to advice you and consult you on your money issues.

Soon am starting a SEO consulting business in which my potential customers will be people who want to be visible in the internet world.



Are you a professional in certain field if yes can you write a detailed guide about it for another person to learn about it.

After creating the e-book you can sell it on Amazon or your website for certain amount of money.

Currently am creating an e-book about content marketing and soon it will be available for sale.

10.Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location.

The growth and affordability of technology, along with the increase in the number of solo-entrepreneurs, has created a need for virtual support staff.

A virtual assistant can do everything that a regular office assistant except bring coffee.

If you become a virtual assistant you will be working from your computer providing the the services to the organization.

The good thing about this type of assistant is that you are setting the hours you will be working.


Making money online can be easy but it can also be hard. Take you time and learn how its done and treat it like a business and you will be successful in it.

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