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10 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress Blog

Do you know that the if you speed up your WordPress blog you are increasing the chances of making your blog successful?

WordPress is the best Content Management System in the world and it powers 30% of the websites. But it may have one problem and that is the speed of your site.

If you are running a WordPress.org then there is something you can do about it to speed it up

What is a WordPress.org?

It is a Self-hosted site that one uses to publish and manage his own content.

know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Although your blog can be slow and sluggish there are things you can do to improve its speed. And that what we will discuss today.

Why does Speed Matter in a Blog or Website

Here are reasons why you should increase the speed of your blog:

1. User Experience.

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If your site is loading slow your blog user experience will be poor as things like images will not load or load partially.

User will not be able to navigate smoothly on your website and this will convince them to leave your site.

2. Affects Traffic

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It only takes 3-5 seconds to convince a reader to stay in your blog and read more.

But if the speed is slow most people will just push the back button on and proceed to another website. Thus decreasing the level of traffic to your website/blog.

3. It Affects SEO.

A SEO is how well your are assessed in order to be ranked by Search Engines such as google.

If your site is fast you may end up out ranking your competitors and increase traffic to your website/blog.

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Now that your know why a site speed is Important lets get to know how to speed up your WordPress blog

How to Speed up your WordPress blog.

It is not a must that you use all the methods but if you use most of them, its guaranteed that the speed will increase.

1. Choose a good hosting provider.

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Choosing a hosting provider may be tough for most people but its easy to choose a hosting provider but its hard to choose the correct one.

When I started a hosting provider I choose a local hosting provider and after I started getting a lot of views to my website it started to crush and sometimes not even load.

I recommend Bluehost as your hosting provider because it simple to use and it offers a one click WordPress installation. Mostly is reliable and its speed is fast.

Before you settle on one hosting provider you can research about it then make a decision if your can use it.

2. Choose a good theme.

Most blogger end up using a framework that has a lot of feature which you will never use and it ends up slowing your site.

When choosing a theme choose one that is light weight and quite speedy. I always say its better to use a WordPress 2019 framework than using a premium theme that has thousands of features.

There is a theme that you can purchase and they have high speed and before you purchase one make sure its fast and light.

I recently purchase a Jupiter X theme and when I installed it, I had to install 25 plugins to support it and that made my site slower.

3. Use a few WordPress plugins.

There is no need to installing hundreds of plugins to WordPress blog and at the end of the day use only a few of them.

Just install a plugin that you use and it increases the functionality of your site.

Just go to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and delete those you are not using.

4. Use a Caching plugin to speed up your WordPress blog.

A caching plugin drastically improves your sites speed and it’s one of the important plugins you can install in your site. Most of the caching plugin is free and easy to use.

I recommend  W3 Total Cache plugin, its the best in terms of increases your site speed and easy to install and its free.

5. Decrease the size of your Image.

Images may be one of the main reason why most sites are really slow and it affects the growth of their blog.

Most beginners upload an image with a size of 5 mb and expect their site to load faster which not good. An ideal size of an image is less than 100 Kb.

You can decrease the size of your image before uploading it or after uploading it to your blog.

I use a WordPress plugin called  WP Smush which strips away some info from the images and makes them load faster.


There are many ways in which you can speed up your WordPress site but above I have mentioned the most basic and important that you can do now.

Increasing your site speed is one of the important simple tasks you can do for your blog.

Do you have a problem making your site speed faster?

Do you have any questions you would like to ask me? if yes you can communicate to me through Twitter.

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