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Things You Need To Do To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer.

Making money online is a dream to many and a reality to few people. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is also a dream to a lot of people and but few people become successful in it.

What separates the successful and failures is their approach to how they promote themselves to potential customers.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick rich scheme. But it’s like any other business and you need to work hard and learn how the business is done.

In today’s article, we will be discussing what are the things you need to do in order to be a successful affiliate marketer.

1. Create a Blog.

I always encourage business owners to have a blog no matter what type of business they are in. Because everything nowadays are done online.

Having a blog will make you get potential customers who come to read your blog. And also a bog you can use a blog to promote an affiliate product and earn from it.

Creating a great blog is easy if you have the right tools.

What you need to create a blog:

A hosting provider, this is where your blog will be on the world wide web. I recommend Bluehost because it’s the best hosting provider on the web.

learn how to create a website using Bluehost and WordPress.

And you will also need a good theme which you will use in your blog.

2.Build an Email List.

Build an email list

Now that you have a blog make sure you collect their email list. Because ones someone has become a customer of your affiliate products chances are they can purchase again.

The rate of conversion of an email list is high compare to other ways and building an Email list is easy, You just use the email provider.

Here are ways you can use to collect Emails from readers by providing the following for free:

  • Resource list
  • quick start guide
  • cheat sheet
  • check list
  • Quick or Assessment
  • Templates
  • Transcripts

3.Learn Everyday.

This is why I always love online business because you earn as you learn. In traditional business if you come across a challenge it will be hard to find something or someone to teach you how to overcome it.

There are more thousands of articles on the internet that will teach how to be successful affiliate marketer.

I advice you to take time everyday to learn new skills and analyse the how the market is in order to be prepared.

4. A Successful Affiliate Marketer always has the readers in Mind.

having readers in mind

When creating content for your blog or affiliate marketing business have the reader in mind. This will help you to create content that will help them.

Knowing your ideal reader will help you in choosing which kind of products to promote to them as an affiliate marketer.

This is how you can know your ideal reader:

At first know the basic demographic

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Education
  • Profession.

Secondly Know what there are interested in:

  • Which blog do they read?
  • What are the hobbies?
  • Which social media channels do they use?

And Lastly, what are their motivation i life and what do they want to achieve in life.

5. Have an About Me Page.

An About Me page is where you explain who you are and why you have that blog or website.

This page helps you connect with readers and they will trust you as they see and connect with you.

In this page you can show how your journey has been in affiliate marketing or whatever your journey is.

While telling them about yourself try to show them your photo as trust level will increase more.

6.Don’t Promote Everything.

Successful affiliate marketers don’t promote everything they come across but they promote what they see as helpful to their audience.

When using an affiliate link use a few of the and place them where is required only and don’t everywhere on the blog post.

If you use affiliate links a lot of them google will regard your site as a spam and will not rank it.

7.Engage your online community.

online community

Creating an online community will help you in knowing you readers interest and will help you in knowing how to approach your market.

You can Engage your online community by creating competion and encouranging them to comment on your blog post.

Search engines rewards blogs that have high number of social share and active community by ranking them high.

8. Produce Great Content.

produce great content

Great content rules the internet and there will always be number one in the search engines.

I am sure you have had the phrase CONTENT IS KING and that is true when producing blog post make sure there is no other like that yours.

When producing content make sure it has the following properties:

  • It has a catchy title
  • It has Introduction
  • Subheadings within the blog.
  • Has photos.
  • It has a Conclusion at the End.
  • It has a Meta description.
  • It’s long ( recommended 800+ words)

9. Be consistent.

You can do all the above this but if you are consistent over a period of time then you will never make some good passive income from it.

In the Affiliate marketing business, you will feel like quitting because challenges you will face.

Don’t Give continue what you are doing over a period of time to develop traffic that will eventually make you money.

10. Don’t Copy and paste other people content.

I have been approached by someone telling me they could not make money from blogging or affiliate marketing.

I asked them what they did and all of them told me they used a successful persons blogs content and posted affiliate links in them and waited to make money from it.

Posting some other successful person content will not make your blog successful but it will make it downgraded as a spam website or blog.

Create your own original content and promote it to get traffic and in some months you will make a descent income from it.


Now that you have learned what a successful affiliate marketer does go and implement and learn everyday from the successful affiliate a marketer.

I would like to know if you have reached the stage to call your self a successful Entrepreneur in the comment.

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