sad man in the office

11 Ways To Cope When You Hate Your Job

sad man in the office

Most people wake up early in the morning everyday to go to a job that they hate so much. But they can’t quit and do something they love for some reasons. If quitting is not an option we are going to discuss ways on how we can cope when we hate our jobs.

Two out of every three people they hate their job but they can’t quit because they fear what will happen next.

Every job comes with a rough patches of some sought. Business starts Booming that’s good news but to you it means you must start to put in some extra efforts.

Hating your job can be harmful for your mental and physical health; Use this ways to cope when you hate your job.

1.Keep the thoughts( i hate my job) to yourself.

If you hate your job, keep it to yourself and family members or close friends.Don’t end up telling everyone that your hate your job because your boss or co-workers may find out which may lead to losing your job.

Ending up losing you job before you even start looking for a new one will be to bad to you and may even course more stress.It makes more sense to strategically plan your exit from the company.

2.Look for the problem.

Assess the situation and find what is the main course of hating your job. This will help you in making the decision either to stay or quit your job. You may hate your job due to salary issues or co-workers or anything. Call yourself to a meeting and analysis you situation and you may find a way to cope when you hate your job.

3. Remind Yourself why your are doing it.

We all have a reason why we are working hard for our jobs. Maybe you saving for your education or your child education no matter what the reason may be.

When you wake up everyday early in the morning and getting ready just look to the mirror and tell yourself why you are going to work. This will help you in finding the energy in yourself to do your best in work.

Another way of reminding your self is by using the power of visualization. Surround yourself with some reminder like a photo of why you are doing the job somewhere you can see it.

4. Stay Positive.

Staying positive throughout the day is a way to cope when hate your job. Because it will help the brain in overcoming the tendency on focusing on threats. Threats like in your case hating you job.

Also staying positive will help you in doing your job well and in turn your boss relation with you will be good. Making work environment suitable for you.

5.Do your Best work.

We should strive to be the best we can in all areas of life. One of the key areas to be the best is at work, the work you do for a boss or for yourself.

If you do your best your boss will never criticize you and you will develop your skills which turn help your to cope with a job you hate.

6. Focus on your life outside of work

Having a life outside of work suggests a couple of things: You care about finding work-life balance.

Spending a lot of time in our jobs will in turn make us hate our job more. There is no need of extending any minute in the office or bring the work with us to our home.

Enjoy your life outside you job environs, this will increase productivity in you work rate and instead of hating it you will love it.

7. Set Goals and Reward Yourself

Setting goals that have milestones will help you in focusing in you job rather than focusing why you hate it.

Set goals around your job and reward yourself when you achieve them. The rewards don’t have to be huge or expensive it can be something cheap but you love doing it.

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8.Talk To Your Boss About Alternative Working Arrangements.

Hating a job may not be a new thing but is there something that you can do to your current job to make is more bearable , if yes go talk to you boss on how you can arrange for that to happen.This may be a way to cope when you hate your job.

9.Eat Healthy and Exercise regularly.

After you had a stressful day at work most people tend to turn to alcohol, a glass pf wine or even an unhealthy food that they Love. They often think that these will reduce stress but what they don’t know is that after while you will get back to the stress.

Eat healthy food and exercise regularly this in turn will keep your body strong and ready to face any difficult in you job.

10.Get a Side Hustle

Most people love a Good side hustle to keep their cash-flow intact. Maybe the main reason why you don’t like your job may be due to lack of enough money hence have a side gig may help solve that.

11.Develop a plan to get a new job.

You have done everything above but you still hate you job. Then before leaving you current job develop a plan that you can use to get a new job.

Look for a job that you love or follow your passion and start a business.


Every month more than i million people quit or lose their job in the world due to some reason and most of them don’t like their job.

At this time in our life employment should not be an option because you will end up working for someone all your life and at the end you retire broke.

But their are some people who have their dream jobs so their is no need for them to quit and start a business if they are happy.

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